Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning

"Is it daytime yet, Mom?"

So began this beautiful day. I had been up until 2 am, filling and hiding eggs around the house. I purposely made myself see everything from Isabel's height, and had a blast hiding eggs in room corners, in plants, under beds and end tables, etc. It was quite an eye opener. I never really stopped to think of how she views the world. She was almost shaking with delight at discovering eggs everywhere. We didn't do the eggs last year, and the first year home, she was only 16 months old. So this, for all purposes, was her initiation. She followed the trail of the eggs from room to room and ended up in her little kitchen, at her Hello Kitty basket. So much fun.

A little later on, we headed to church for a second Easter egg hunt. We saw friends and afterward, made our way down to Saint Augustine for a wonderful day filled with people, food, laughter and the general chaos that I feel so at home with. And of course... the third Egg Hunt. This one led to a newly constructed Pirate Ship tree house. It is amazing! The kids (and some adults) played back there for hours. Just as the sun was setting, we headed down for a walk on the beach. Isabel proceeded to whip off her dress (it got wet from a wave) and ran/danced around the beach in her sparkly shoes, pink bow and Disney princess panties. Yup.. never a dull minute.

A wonderful day filled with wonderful people celebrating wonderful news.

Happy Easter!


Julie said...

Sounds like you guys had an "egg-cellent" Easter! Love the video - no chocolate for you Kitty!!! LOL.

amazeingteacher said...

I love following your 'babysite' so I was really happy to find your blog! She's sooo cute!