Sunday, December 27, 2009

Home for the Holidays

I am fortunate to have two separate friends who have been intentional for years about including us in their family activities. And so, we spent Christmas Eve at one home and Christmas Evening at the other. I have known one family for 15 years and the other for almost 30. They have walked through college, marriage, divorce and adoption with me. They know me and they love me without reservation.

One of these friends once picked me up from the airport when I was in particularly rough shape and just gave me a huge hug and said (in her South Carolinean drawl) "Baaaay-be! You just need to stay around people that LOVE you!" Through both her words and actions, she has demonstrated true friendship.

The other friend is one of a HUGE Italian family. I walked into her home Christmas Day and was surrounded by food, kids, music, food, people, food, babies, dogs, food... (seeing a theme here?). It was the exactly what I needed: unconditional love, acceptance and family. While I am separated by thousands of miles from my biological family, I am never that far away from the love of two friends who have given of themselves and given to me and my daughter... a place we call family. It is the best gift of all.


Laurie said...

What a sweet post. And I just love the little squeal and grin on Isabel's face at the end of the video. Too cute.

Single Women Adopting Children said...

My/our friends are our family....hands down. I love the saying "Friends are the family you choose" or somehting like that. Looks like you had a great holiday!

The Fogle Family said...

I am glad you had such a great Holiday!