Thursday, February 11, 2010

Check UP

Isabel had her four-year-old check up on Tuesday afternoon. Sure it's been over two months since her birthday but, insurance companies being what they are...

I dropped her off at school early and reminded her we were going to see Dr. Wendy (who she adores!) The day flew by and as I left school, some pretty heavy rain started to fall and slowed traffic to a snail's pace on the Interstate.

I finally arrive at Isabel's class to find her (God I wish I had a camera!) dressed NOT in the cute skirt and shirt I left her in, but in an outfit that can only be described as "interesting". She still had on her big orange bow and white cupcake sandels, but instead of a matching ensemble, she was sporting some faded black [read gray] stretch pants with florescent geometric shapes and a lovely white smock-type blouse with tiny blue roses all over it.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Not much I could do, so off to the doctor's office we went. Now, this exam included a lot of new things: blood pressure, hearing test and vision test. It was during the latter that I just about burst out laughing. Instead of letters, the vision chart that is used has shapes: circle, square, heart and a house. Well, she is reading away and then hits the house and says PENTAGON! That's right. Not house. Pentagon. Hey, let's hear it for those preschool teachers, huh?

The check up continued with a rather extensive question and answer session with the doctor and then ended up with her getting three shots: polio, flu, and H1N1 flu. Even though she knew about the shots ahead of time, she was crying hysterically after the first. I ended up having to hold her down for the last two and was about to lose it crying myself. (Question: Does it EVER get easier hearing your child cry?)

As promised beforehand, we headed over to a local store to get her a treat. Her choice?

which she announced LOUDLY

to all of the other elevator occupants on the way down to the lobby.

(Never a dull moment!)

She was a real trooper though, and we ended up stopping by a library that was on the way (much to her delight!) A little while later, on the way to the store, the rain began to clear and the sky was filled with huge clouds that were tinged with just the slightest bit of rose from the sunset. From the backseat I heard:

" Mom, the clouds are putting on their pajamas."

I had been thinking that I was so glad that the rain finally stopped and the traffic wouldn't be so crazy. My thoughts had been limited by my world, by what was below; ,my daughter's were lifted to what was above.

It took a four-year-old (who had just had three shots) to show me a better perspective. All I had to do was check UP. What a gift.

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Dita said...

Out of the mouths of is amazing how much they teach us, isn't it?

I love the notion that the clouds are putting on their pajamas! I will think of that next time I see them like that.

My daughter's FAVORITE snack barring none is Pirate's Booty...and she just calls it BOOTY out in public...oh, it is soooo embarassing!