Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

After an early morning Easter Egg hunt around the house,
Isabel learned in the note from the Easter Bunny
about yet another surprise.
She closed her eyes and waited on the couch to see what it was...

It hardly seems possible that this is our fourth Easter together.
How time has flown.

Easter 2010
(Age 4)

Easter 2009
(Age 3)

Easter 2008
(Age 2)

Easter 2007
(Age 1)


May the Joy of Easter be yours this year


Shana said...

So sweet! Looks like she had a great Easter! I love the pic from her first Easter! Precious =0)

Dita said...

It's official...I'm in LOVE! That video was so adorable!!

I love your living room. I could just cozy right in there and watch Isabel play all day long!

Happy Easter...Happy 4th!

Donna said...

I love the little glimpse back in time! Oh how they grow!

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