Friday, June 25, 2010

First Things First

While it may seem like old hat to most of you...
this week has been a time of firsts for me and Isabel.
You see... Monday was her first day of summer camp.

since the school she has attended since she was 18 months old includes lunch...
this was also the first time she has had a lunchbox.
(okay... it is actually more of a bag).

it is also the first time I have made her lunch.

All of this brought with it an unexpected wave of melancholy
as I recognize that her baby-toddler years are really over.

Everyone tells you that this time flies by so fast,
to cherish every moment because it will be gone before you know it,
but in the midst of living forget.

Until it is a Monday morning
and you are wrapping a sandwich in waxed paper,
writing a note on it with a Sharpie
telling your soon-to-be pre-K student that you love them.

What a fast three years this has been.

Summer 2007


Shana said...

They really do grow up so fast. Cherish each giggle & every tantrum. You turn around & wonder where all the time went. Isabel is so precious & has an infectious smile! She is such a big girl!!

Jboo said...

Packing those lunches does make you realize your baby is getting older! She is so adorable! What a cutie in 2007 and now too! Enjoy your summer!


Dita said...

I just got a pang myself...waxed paper...I remember my own mother wrapping my sandwiches in good ol' cut-rite waxed paper.

You're a good mommy, you are....every mommy that thinks ahead to actually get waxed paper (because it works the BEST) is a good mommy!

Yes, every precious minute is a miracle, isn't it?