Sunday, August 29, 2010

Coming up for Air...

After a pretty mellow summer, these last two weeks back to school have been a whirlwind. While I stayed busy around the house, Isabel had a phenomenal time attending camp for the first time. I was so excited for her to attend this specific camp. It is an amazing place. The curriculum was top notch, the facilities impeccable and the counselors... amazing.

Each two week session focused on a different theme. During a unit on plants and gardening in July, they actually brought a real tractor to the camp for the kids to investigate and climb all over. In August, a theme about the sea had local experts bringing in live crabs, lobsters, squid and octopus. Hands on education at its best. Isabel's two counselors were older women that were veterans of working with preschoolers... a far cry from the adolescents I had envisioned.

We wanted to make cupcakes to bring on the last day to celebrate the end of a great summer. Earlier in the month, I had received an email from Grace Lin saying she had a few customized cupcake toppers left over from her recent wedding, and that if anyone wanted one, to simply email her. Now, I just LOVED these toppers when I first saw them. This woman is such an amazing artist and author. (I feel a special kinship to her since she lives up the street from my grandmother's house in Massachusetts.) But I digress....

I emailed her but figured there was NO way I would have been one of the first folks to do so. I really didn't think there was any way I would get one. So, you can imagine my surprise to see it show up in my mailbox the morning of the cupcake making. Can I just say that this is the cutest thing!!! Of course, I might be just a tad partial since it looks a lot like Isabel. : ) We brought the cupcakes with the center one proudly donning its topper. The other kids loved it. Who wouldn't?

School started the following Monday for me with a week of preplanning. Isabel started VPK (Voluntary PreKindergarten) this past Monday. She is very excited about being "an Upper". Who knew there was a hierarchy in preschools??? LOL! She is especially looking forward to tomorrow when, according to her teacher, she will get her first homework assignment. I wish I could bottle that excitement for my own students. : )

A great surprise this past month was related to both camp and school. While walking through the camp parking lot one afternoon, we heard Isabel's name being called. A old friend of hers from a former preschool was driving with her mom by us. The girls were ecstatic to see each other and we moms exchanged emails to see about a playdate for them. We ended up getting together last weekend. To say it was a hit would be an understatement. I can't remember the last time my daughter had so much fun. Full princess fashion shows, Barbies, games, the obligatory bed-jumping and the highlight... riding and driving in a Barbie car. Watching them driving amidst the peals of laughter, I found myself thrust fast forward 12 years to when they will both probably have their license. Phew!

We ended up getting together again last night for a movie with the coolest venue... under a bridge with an interstate above us. The breeze felt wonderful coming off the river and it was the first time since last spring that I had felt some respite from this heat while outside.

And so... time marches on. School is back in full swing. Life is busy and full. Though I am pretty tired adjusting to this new up-at-5:00-and-out-the-door-by-6:30 schedule of ours, I wouldn't change a thing.

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Alyson and Ford said...

Great post, so happy! What camp did she attend? AA won't be in VPK until next year.

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