Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sweet Julia

I teach high school freshmen. I absolutely love them.
They are goofy, awkward, fun and unsure of themselves.
They are learning to maneuver that ride called adolescence.

It is usually not until graduation that I really see
the amazing adults that these students of mine have become.

I am used to lanky bodies and unsure steps... both physically and socially.
And so, it was such a refreshing change to be able to photograph a senior.
This young lady was as sweet as she was beautiful.I love the grace and elegance that she conveys.
It's amazing what a difference four years makes.

the long road


Traci said...

This is a wonderful portrait!

Nancy E said...

She is a beautiful girl and you captured her eyes -- they are amazing. Great shot!


Donna said...

Such a huge difference between the freshman and the senior! I distinctly remember graduating from HS when I was 16, joining the Army at 17 and coming home on leave before I was 18 and visiting my old school and being asked if I was faculty! HUH??? I wasn't even 18 yet but I guess I looked like an adult?

Kids grow up much too quickly. I'm sure this lovely young woman has parents who are staring at this beautiful photo you took and wondering where the heck all of the time went.

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