Thursday, May 21, 2009

At Last......

After almost two weeks missing, the camera has finally come home to mama. I have felt like I had a limb removed. I didn't have it for Mother's Day which made me sad. I didn't realize how much I have come to rely on having it available to catch all the little everyday moments that make up life. So thankful I had it to capture this snippet of life this afternoon.

For those of us in Florida.. life has been pretty wet! Isabel and I fed ducks at the park on Sunday... at noon... in 95 degree weather. I was dying..thinking to myself, It's only MAY!!!! What the @#%$ is August going to be like? I chatted with a friend in Asheville who mentioned she was chilly and was putting on a fleece. I gotta say, I was having a hard time relating...what with the rivulets of sweat running down my forehead as I listened. Little did I know a reprieve was waiting in the wings.

Later that afternoon, the rain began...soft at first. Sweet smelling. I got to shut off the A/C and open the windows. The temperature dropped 25 degrees. I was in heaven.

That was three days ago. It's been raining ever since. And while I am perhaps one of the few folks left who is still enjoying it, I do prefer rain's orientation to be vertical. Didn't see a lot of THAT today. Instead, it was blowing in horizontally off the river both when I dropped off and picked up Isabel today. Throw in the umbrella doing the ole flip inside out thing and it made for quite the entertaining scene. The rain is starting to have effects around the city. Traffic is crazy. The ground is saturated. My school's campus is under 3 inches of water back where my building is located. It looks like a lake. The kids were actually creating wakes between classes. Ahhh... good times.

By the time we arrived home this afternoon, the rain had turned into a very light drizzle. Isabel saw the puddles and begged to play in them. Why not? I told her to take off her tights and she could play in the back yard. By the time I got to the kitchen, she had half her clothes stripped off and was about to head out the door in her birthday suit. I suggested a bathing suit might be a more appropriate choice. She flew in her room, threw it on and was outside having a blast within two minutes. I ran in the house and that's when the camera appeared.

Apparently, young Mr. Spock no longer needed it for the movie's premiere and transported it back to me. Ahh... live long and prosper.

Note: I just LOVE Isabel's commentary on the video, all the way from "That's aMAZEing!" to "There's no boo boos." You'll need to hit the mute button on the playlist at the bottom of the site page in order to hear the video clip.

[Update: This morning on the way to the car I heard, "It's like an ocean. Whoa! Where did the sidewalk go?" Needless to say...STILL raining.]


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I just happen to cross your blog... what a cute daughter... so precious...

Sarah, Marc and Tyler said...

Laureen, thanks for you post on our blog! We are very, very excited. I remember you from RQ and will definitely reach out as we plan for the trip and think about Jiangxi!
Your daughter is absolutely exquisite!