Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hang-ga-bur-ga and Mow-Lawners

The things that come out of Isabel's mouth never cease to amaze me. Some of them are quite funny. I have posted here some of the previous Isabelisms Most of them are said while we are driving.... which can be potentially dangerous depending on just how funny they are. We were driving home a short while ago and this conversation took place:

Isabel: I'm tired.
Me: Me too. I am pooped.
Isabel: Eeeww! You said a BAD word!!
Me: Nope. Pooped can mean you're really tired.
[About a 5 second pause and then...]
Isabel: Well then, I'm PEEPED!

For lunch she wanted a hang-ga-bur-ga (but got a hotdog instead) and pointed out that our neighbor had his mow-lawner.

On a separate note... STILL no camera. It's been 8 days. I am started to think it must be gone. : ( I've been looking at the Lumix FZ50. I really like it and the pictures it takes. I know that there is a new G series coming out in June but it's a bit more than I am willing to pay for a camera at this point. Anyone ever bought a used camera off of Ebay or Amazon? I'd love some feedback.

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Chinazhoumom said...

buy new - warranty etc - never know what may have been dropped etc... just my 2 cents