Thursday, October 8, 2009

Playing for Change

I just watched this.
I dare you to do the same and not have your day start with a smile!

From ABC World News:
Filmmaker Mark Johnson had a simple idea -- that the world can be connected through music.Johnson's dream began a decade ago in a New York City subway. He heard two monks playing music -- one had a nylon guitar and the other was singing. They were wearing robes and painted white from head to toe. About 200 people had stopped to watch them, ignoring the train as it came and went. Johnson realized he was standing in the midst of a group that normally wouldn't converge -- they were brought together by the music.

"We had the idea to travel around the world, record different musicians playing their own songs, interview them about how does music persevere through struggles, and then connect them with the songs around the world," Johnson said.

What one person with a dream ( and the determination to make it happen) can do. Wow.

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