Sunday, January 10, 2010

Variations on a Theme

After a rather eventful morning [Florida welcomes Arctic Tundra weather, a bottle of water accidently spilling on beloved teddy in the car, arriving at church to find out the schedule has been changed and we are 2 hours early!], Isabel and I decided to head on home and make some ornaments for Valentine's Day.

I had originally planned on making these for Christmas but the time got away. And so... warm and toasty, back at home, with a log in the fireplace, we decided on a variation on a theme. I followed the same directions but limited the cookie cutter shape to a heart. The fun part came when we used pieces from Isabel's Snap Jewelry Kit on the dough. The designs turned out quite beautiful. We poked holes in the top of the hearts with a straw and have them drying on a cookie sheet. Afterward, we'll string them with sheer ribbon and hang them across the doorway in our dining room. It should be sweet. (Thanks for the idea, Lucia!)

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Wanda said...

Well....that's making lemonade. The string of Valentine hearts should be adorable. You have to post a picture when it's finished.