Friday, September 23, 2011

All is Well...

A month in and all is well
 Today marks the one month point of my Kindergartener’s formal education in the public school system. While part of me still cannot believe that we are coming up on five years as mother and daughter, the rest of me stands in awe of the amazing child that Isabel has developed into. She is bright, witty, intuitive and quite the social butterfly. 
Walking through the doors of that school was her first step into a whole new world…a world of discovery, laughter, failure, friends, joy, pain. The whole gamut. 
 The space where her first two teeth fell out last month is gone, filled by the two new adult teeth. 
As quick as that. The baby replaced by the adult. I know that I have 13 years ahead of me before the child as a whole becomes the woman she will be. 

Thirteen years. 
I know that it will fly by in a heartbeat. And I will be writing about how my *baby* is finishing her first month of college. 

Until then, I will try my hardest to be present. To enjoy moments like this morning’s, when, as she waited for her Vanilla Bean mini Scone, she excitedly announced to the folks in line that “My Mom got paid today!” To embrace the time of reading bedtime stories together and listening to Veggie Tales in the car. To experience bittersweet times of growth, like her decision to walk to her classroom by herself today.
The next decade will be filled with change and growth…for us both. And while there is a tad bit of apprehension, if these last five years have been any indication, the adventure has just begun.


Life with Kaishon said...

She is beyond adorable! I am so thankful she is having fun in school! Hope you girls have a very happy weekend!

Terry said...

Laureen ~ You have the most incredible posts and pics. I think you are a writer in teacher's garb. It is a real tribute to your mothering to see that smile absolutely cover Isabel's face. How can she be in Big Girl school already? But then I know that our time for nurturing them is just a moment as mine were gone before I even realized it.

asun said...

Adorable.A kiss from spain.Asun(10-8-2006)