Saturday, July 18, 2009


We spend the day in Saint Augustine on what was supposed to be a beach day. Mother Nature had different plans and we headed over to a friend's home instead. The kids had fun flying balsa wood airplanes after the rain died down.

I also got to finally meet sweet baby Norah in person. What a doll! I loved watching Isabel interacting with her. This was the youngest baby she had ever seen and I wondered how she would respond. I needn't have given it a second thought; her tenderness and gentleness were so sweet that I welled up. I loved listening to her talk to the baby and bring her items (pillows, books, binky) to share.

It also made me sad to think that, with all things remaining the same in international adoption, she will never have the opportunity to do these things with a baby sister of her own.

A bittersweet moment.

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Kris said...

It saddens me too- thinking that I'll never have the opportunity to adopt a second time (as I'm FINALLY) just now venturing out on the first... (after 5 years of waiting, long, long story). But with my age (42 end of this year) and getting married once we're back from China and that new 5 yr rule on marriages, etc, the economy and my new daughter's needs- etc, I'm not sure we would be able to adopt again, and it was never my intention to only have one child. And I've seen video of my girl with little babies already, she dotes on them, so I know your feelings...

your daughter, by the way, is beautiful :O)