Thursday, July 16, 2009

Turns out it IS a Small world after all

After dvd overload during the trip, I felt like a drug counselor trying to get Isabel through movie detox. For the last year or so, the rule has been that she can watch one hour of tv/dvd a day. It usually consisted of 30 minutes of Between the Lions on PBS (I just LOVE that show! Wish I could have been a writer for them), and a 30 minute video during the daily commute. Since the digital tv switchover, PBS has been out of the picture. (No pun intended.) Yes... I may be the only person left in America who does not have cable.

But I digress...

After I picked Isabel up from school yesterday, we went to the library. Can I say that I just LOVE the library! There's something so wonderful about the sitting in a place surrounded by thousands of books, stories just waiting to be discovered. It's been especially exciting watching Isabel's love for books blossom.

While we were looking for some Max and Ruby stories, (BTW, thanks for the heads up, Susan. I had never heard of them before the dvds we were given for the ride), a lovely mother recommended a bunch of other authors. One of them was Lois Lenski. Any of you heard of her? The stories, centered around the Small family, are just delightful. I love the illustrations. Simple and sweet. Last night we read the two we checked out. Isabel was full of questions. (I know,I know... when is she NOT?) I loved it.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I came in the living room to discover her pouring over them. If you didn't know any better, you'd swear she was actually reading. It was a wonderful way to start the day.