Saturday, August 8, 2009

Public Enemy Number One

This little girl was adopted by an American family in China a week ago. Her parents are being forced to leave her behind because the US Consulate will not issue a VISA or a WAIVER to enter the USA due to the fact she has TB. The parents were never told she had TB, at the physical in Guangzhou they did a TB test and it came back positive. Turns out the Orphanage KNEW and didn't share this fact with the CCAA or the US agency. The little girl Harper has been legally adopted by her new parents and is no longer a ward of the Chinese State...she is in effect a lost child, her birth country no longer bears responsibility for her, and her new parents are not allowed to bring her back to her new home and country. She is not contagious! The CDC refuses to issue a waiver to allow her to come home to receive the rest of the treatments she needs.*

*This information taken from the family's website.

The goodbye was captured on video. It is ~ 7 minutes long. The last 2 minutes are heart wrenching. If anyone has connections, PLEASE step in on this family's behalf. They are living every international adoptive family's nightmare come true. 

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