Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Leg of Trip Complete

After a surprisingly easy ten hour trip, (I have been converted to XM radio) we are now relaxing in Virginia.

Twinkles seems to be having some difficulty adjusting to spending the night in a hotel (yeah...RIGHT!!!)

The second leg is a 6.5 hour trip to New York tomorrow. I am excited to be meeting up with a couple of gals who are fellow adoptive moms. The daughter of one of them came home the same time as Isabel; the daughter of the other is from the same orphanage. Isabel is clearly excited about meeting some new friends. The whole way up, she kept repeating, "I can't wait to see my China sisters. Are we there yet?"
[Mental note: Remeber that three-year-olds have NO concept of time or distance.]

Until tomorrow,
Thelma signing off!

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Chinazhoumom said...

Glad it is going well - I love XM radio - I am in the car so much it is a life saver! no commercials - well worth the $
Have fun!