Friday, June 19, 2009

Please Go For Option One!

It's the Final Fashion Challenge Friday. Fridays at school during the summer are The triple Crown: Splash Day, Show and Tell and Treasure Chest. Top that off with swimming lessons after school and you have one happy little girl.

On Fridays, Isabel also chooses her own outfits for school. This morning she pulled out two outfits. The first was a cute yellow tank top (which matched perfectly with her yellow polka dot bathing suit) and a pink skirt. I bought cute little pink and yellow plaid sneakers yesterday and the whole ensemble matched.

And then... the second option: blue plaid shorts on top of the polka dot yellow bathing suit with an orange Halloween tee shirt and the pink plaid sneakers.

Hmm... which will it be???

Go for option One! Go for Option One!!!

..................... O well!

It's option Two.


Wanda said...

Oh well......she's cute in anything!

M3 said...

Funny!!! I've had those same silent conversations "no, no, go for the purple, oh nooooooo." Hee. Cute, cute!

Kristy said...

I think she looks stunning!!!! And you know....we have to sometimes just pick our battles right!!!

Love, Kristy