Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Swim Lesson

I wish I had my camera with me to videotape Isabel when I picked her up at school this afternoon. She was SOOO excited about her first swimming lesson that she ran from classroom to classroom, opening the doors and announcing it to all the teachers.

We were supposed to start yesterday but some kid got sick in the pool and...well, no need for details on THAT one! Needless to say, the class was postponed until today to give them some time to shock the pool with chemicals. When we got there, we saw our neighbors. Isabel and little Berto from across the street are in the same class. He is 6 months younger than Isabel and they are great friends. The lesson was quite fun but was unfortunately cut short due to the lightening of an approaching storm.

In retrospect, I guess I should have talked to Isabel in advance about lifeguards and their whistles. Isabel HATES loud noises. (She flipped out last year when we were on the beach watching the fireworks.) Well, we happened to be seated at the base of the lifeguard chair. Needless to say, Isabel was NOT happy when she blew the whistle to get everyone out of the pool. I have to admit, I even jumped at how loud it was. We'll be back at the pool tomorrow and every afternoon through next Thursday.

And to think... I have been living here for over five years and never knew that the pool was there! (I know where we will be spending a LOT of time this summer.


Laurie said...

Is it bad that I LOVE the last one! :-)

Chinazhoumom said...

What pool?

Denise said...

Emmi does the exact same thing with loud noises. In fact she covers her ears just like Isabel is doing in the last picture. I can't wait to see these two together.

Laurie said...

I stumbled on your blog a long time ago, when you were waiting for your daughter, and I found it again tonight. It really is a beautiful story, and your daughter is just precious! Like you, I need to remind myself to live in the moment and go in for those extra snuggles instead of worrying about the laundry. :)